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Julia R. Greer

Professor of Materials Science and Mechanics

Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University (2005)
M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University (2000)
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1997)

  • National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellow (2016)
  • CNN's 2020 Visionary (2016)
  • Tech Review’s Top-10 Emerging Technologies (2015)
  • Gilbreth Lecturer for the National Academy of Engineering (2015)
  • Midwest Mechanics Tour Lecturer (2015)
  • Kavli Early Career Award (MRS) (2014)
  • Robert W. Cahn’s “Best Paper Prize” by Journal of Materials Science (shared with L. Meza) (2014)
  • One of “100 Most Creative People” by Fast Company Magazine (2014)
  • Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (2014)
  • Speaker in Google’s Solve for (2014)
  • ACS Nano Letters Young Investigator Award and Lectureship (2013)
  • Speaker at National Academy of Engineering’s Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (2013)
  • Discussion Leader and invitee at World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos (2013)
  • The Materials, Metals, and Minerals Society (TMS) Early Career Faculty Award (2013)
  • Society of Engineering Science (SES) Young Investigator Award (2013)
  • World Economic Forum in Davos invitee (2012)
  • Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award (2012)
  • NASA (inaugural) Early Career Faculty Award (2012)
  • DOE Early Career Award (2011)
  • Sia Nemat-Nasser ASME Early Career Award (2011)
  • WTN’s World Technology Award in Materials (2010)
  • DARPA Young Faculty Award (2009)
  • National Academy of Engineering's U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (2009)
  • TR-35 Top Young Innovator Under 35, Technology Review's award honoring the world's top young innovators (2008)
  • “Emerging Leaders” lecturer at UC Santa Barbara (2008)
  • NSF CAREER "In-situ Investigation of Plasticity at the Nano-scale" award (2007)
  • Gold Medal recipient of the MRS Outstanding Graduate Student Award (2004)
  • Winner of Redwood Symphony Piano Concerto competition (2004, 2006) as well as the U.S. Open Concerto Competition (2003).

Julia R. Greer received her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering (with a minor in Music) from MIT, after which she worked as an intern in Components Research Department of Intel Corp. while pursuing a M.S. In Materials Science at Stanford University, where she built a novel X-ray diffractometer in order to study mechanical properties of materials in computer microprocessors. Subsequently, after working at Intel's Mask Operations Department for 2 years, Julia received a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University studying size effects in plasticity of metals at the nano-scale with Professor William D. Nix. Prior to starting her appointment as a faculty member at Caltech in June of 2007, Julia was a post-doctoral fellow at PARC, Palo Alto Research Center, from August of 2005 until May of 2007. In order to broaden her expertise, she worked on investigating the behavior of organic semiconductor - thin film transistors (OTFTs) as well as nano-ink-derived metals for jet-printing in flexible electronics with Dr. Robert A. Street. Throughout her scientific career, Julia has also been pursuing her "secondary career" as a concert pianist - having studied at the Moscow's Gnessin School of Music, the Eastman School of Music, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and at Stanford. She has performed numerous solo recitals (most recently at Caltech's "Off the Clock" event in 2011), chamber music concerts (most recently in Lagerstrom Series at Caltech with violinist C. Kovalchik), as well as as a soloist with an orchestra (most recent performance of Brahms' Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Redwood Symphony).

Julia Greer is set to appear as a guest on a new Discovery Channel show in the spring of 2012, hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters!

Julia Greer on set with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

Undergraduate Students


Carol Garland (TEM Facility Mgr., MPS)
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Group Alumni

Eric Luo (Grad Student)

Victoria Chernow (Grad Student)

Alessandro Maggi (Grad Student)

Xiaoyue Ni (Grad Student)

Lucas Meza (Grad Student)

Chen Xu (Grad Student)

David Chen (Grad Student)

Rachel Liontas (Grad Student)

Zach Aitken (Grad Student)

Lauren Montemayor (Grad Student)

Andrew Jennings (Grad student)

Xun (Wendy) Gu (Grad student)

Nisha Mohan (Grad student)

John Thorne (Postdoc)

Peri Landau (Postdoc)

Sid Pathak (Postdoc)

Mingyuan Huang (Postdoc)

Guo Qiang (Postdoc)

C. Robert E. Maaß (Postdoc)

Dongchan Jang (Postdoc)

Seok-Woo Lee (Postdoc)

Pratyush Tiwary (Postdoc)

Ju-Young Kim (Postdoc)

Shelby Hutchens (Postdoc)

Xuan Zhang (Visiting Student)

Robert Jagt (Visiting Student)

jan Rys (Visiting Student)

Anette Hagen (Visiting Ph.D. Student)

Brage Snartland (Visiting Ph.D.Student)

Dr. Stephane Delalande (Visiting Scientist)

Dennis Lange (Undergrad)

Ee Jane Lim (Undergrad)

Jarvis Li (Undergrad)

Eli Alster (Undergrad)

Elizabeth Decolvenaere (Undergrad)

Stephanie Reynolds (Undergrad)

Evelyn Chin (Undergrad)

Alex Place (Undergrad)

Jingwei Shi (Undergrad)

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Group News
Oct. 2017: Congratulations to the now Dr. Xiaoyue Ni, Dr. Eric Luo, Dr. Alessandro Maggi, and Dr. Victoria Chernow for successfully defending their theses.
Jun. 2017: Daryl was selected into the Biotechnology Leadership Predoctoral Program in Micro/Nanomedicine at Caltech that will provide him the opportunity to work at biotech companies via internships! Congratulations, Daryl!
Jun. 2017: Congratulations to Bryce for being the first of his class to pass his candidacy exam!
Jun. 2017: Ryan was recently awarded with a CCE Teaching Assistantship Award granted to the division's most exceptional teaching assistants. Congratulations!
Apr. 2017: The Greer troops present at the MRS Spring 2017 meeting! Adenike, Xiaoxing, and Xuan present talks, and Julia presents in Symposium X. Click here to see a video/write-up of her talk.
Dec. 2016: Chen's new paper in PNAS on properties of small-scale Li is featured on the front page of Caltech news today! See it here!
Dec. 2016: Congratulations to Diandra Almasco (and her mentor Carlos Portela) for winning first place for her SURF poster!
Sep. 2016: Congratulations to Amanda for passing her qualifying exams!
Sep. 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Rachel Liontas on completing her PhD!
Aug. 2016: Congratulations to our newest PhD - Dr. Chen Xu on a successful defense!
May 2016 : Congratulations to Ryan, Max, Mike, Arturo, Carlos, Daryl, Alessandro, and Adenike for passing their candidacy exams!
May 2016 : Congratulations to the now Dr. Lucas Meza and Dr. David Chen on successfully defending both of their dissertations!
Mar. 2016: Check out Julia's new video on CNN!
Mar. 2016: Julia was named as one of fifteen 2016 National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows by the DoD! See it here.
Feb. 2016: Zach and Eric's new PNAS paper is featured in a Caltech news article!
Jan. 2016: See the new NBC-NSF video featuring the Greer group that went live today!
Dec. 2015: Greer troops take MRS by storm, with presentations by David Chen, Viki Chernow, Lauren Montemayor (alum), Julia, and posters by Dylan and Adenike. Adenike also gave a talk at the African MRS after.
Dec. 2015: Special issue of MRS Bulletin with a focus on Innovation comes out, with a featured review article by Viki and Lauren!
Nov. 2015: Julia gives a talk at TEDxManhattanBeach. See the talk here.
Oct. 2015: Congratulations to Dylan for his wonderful talk at the 2015 ECS fall conference and to Xiaoxing for winning the best poster award!