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Link to Caltech News Article

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Link to Caltech News Article

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Link to Caltech News Article

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WATCH video here!

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also featured in Nature Research Highlights; Nature 463, 712 (11 February 2010)
and in New Scientist, R&D Magazine, or read the Caltech press release!

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also featured as the Advanced Light Source Highlight

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***also featured as an Editorial Pick in Science! ISSN 0036-8075 (print), 1095-9203 (online)

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Featured as "Rising Star."
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Also selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology. Apr. 28, 2008

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Group News
Oct. 2017: Congratulations to the now Dr. Xiaoyue Ni, Dr. Eric Luo, Dr. Alessandro Maggi, and Dr. Victoria Chernow for successfully defending their theses.
Jun. 2017: Daryl was selected into the Biotechnology Leadership Predoctoral Program in Micro/Nanomedicine at Caltech that will provide him the opportunity to work at biotech companies via internships! Congratulations, Daryl!
Jun. 2017: Congratulations to Bryce for being the first of his class to pass his candidacy exam!
Jun. 2017: Ryan was recently awarded with a CCE Teaching Assistantship Award granted to the division's most exceptional teaching assistants. Congratulations!
Apr. 2017: The Greer troops present at the MRS Spring 2017 meeting! Adenike, Xiaoxing, and Xuan present talks, and Julia presents in Symposium X. Click here to see a video/write-up of her talk.
Dec. 2016: Chen's new paper in PNAS on properties of small-scale Li is featured on the front page of Caltech news today! See it here!
Dec. 2016: Congratulations to Diandra Almasco (and her mentor Carlos Portela) for winning first place for her SURF poster!
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Aug. 2016: Congratulations to our newest PhD - Dr. Chen Xu on a successful defense!
May 2016 : Congratulations to Ryan, Max, Mike, Arturo, Carlos, Daryl, Alessandro, and Adenike for passing their candidacy exams!
May 2016 : Congratulations to the now Dr. Lucas Meza and Dr. David Chen on successfully defending both of their dissertations!
Mar. 2016: Check out Julia's new video on CNN!
Mar. 2016: Julia was named as one of fifteen 2016 National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows by the DoD! See it here.
Feb. 2016: Zach and Eric's new PNAS paper is featured in a Caltech news article!
Jan. 2016: See the new NBC-NSF video featuring the Greer group that went live today!
Dec. 2015: Greer troops take MRS by storm, with presentations by David Chen, Viki Chernow, Lauren Montemayor (alum), Julia, and posters by Dylan and Adenike. Adenike also gave a talk at the African MRS after.
Dec. 2015: Special issue of MRS Bulletin with a focus on Innovation comes out, with a featured review article by Viki and Lauren!
Nov. 2015: Julia gives a talk at TEDxManhattanBeach. See the talk here.
Oct. 2015: Congratulations to Dylan for his wonderful talk at the 2015 ECS fall conference and to Xiaoxing for winning the best poster award!