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January 2024

Prof. Greer was named the new Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Applied Physics!

November 2023

Prof. Greer was awarded the 2024 SES A.C. Eringen Medal in recognition of sustained oustanding achievements in engineering science, and invited to speak at the 2024 SES annual meeting.

September 2023

Our very own Wenxin Zhang was featured by Caltech with Prof. Greer discussing our new work published in ACS Nano Letters last month "Technique for 3-D Printing Metals at the Nanoscale Reveals Surprise Benefit"

Cyrus Fiori passed his candidacy in Chemical Engineering. Congratulations Cyrus!

July 2023

Weiting Deng defended her PhD Thesis in Medical Engineering. Congratulations Dr. Deng!

June 2023

Yingjin Wang passed her candidacy in Materials Science. Congratulations Yingjin!

May 2023

Congratulations to all our graduates at Caltech's 2023 Commencement! 2023 Commencement

From left to right: Seneca Velling, MS on the route to PhD (Materials Science); Dr. Amylynn Chen, PhD (Materials Science); Dr. Rebecca Gallivan, PhD (Materials Science); Dr. Andrew Friedman, PhD (Chemical Engineering); Prof. Julia R. Greer; Dr. Widi Moestopo, PhD (Mechanical Engineering); Nathan Fangyu Zou, BS (Chemical Engineering).

2023 Commencement 2023 Commencement 2023 Commencement

Andrew Friedman defended his PhD thesis in Chemical Engineering. Congratulations Dr. Andrew!

Wenyuan Chen passed his candidacy in Electrical Engineering. Congratulations Wen!

Angelina Yang placed 3rd in the Chemistry Category at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) with her poster entitled "Synthesis and In-Depth Evaluation of Degradable Copolymers via Cyclic Ketene Acetal Incorporation." ISEF is the world's largest pre-college STEM competition and a program of the Society for Science. Congratulations Angelina!

ISEF poster

Prof. Greer gave the David P. Pope Distinguished Lecture at the University of Pennsylvania on "The Intellegentsia of Nano-Architected Hierarchical Materials"

February 2023

Prof. Greer gave a lecture for EcosySTEM Asia on How to Launch an Academic Career

December 2022

Thomas Tran passed his candidacy in Materials Science!

Greer Group annual holiday party and gift exchange

November 2022

Prof. Julia Greer will be a plenary speaker on Advanced Materials: Design, Processing, Characterization, and Applications at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in Columbus, OH! Check out the details here

Greer Group annual retreat in Temecula, CA

October 2022

Drs. Max Saccone, Rebecca Gallivan, Kai Narita, and Daryl Yee published their work on Hydrogel Infusion Additive Manufacturing in Nature! Check out the publication here

Dr. Fernando Villafuerte was a contestant on Jeopardy! You can see highlights from his episode here

Wenxin Zhang and Seola Lee presented at SES 2022! This is Seola Lee's first time giving a talk at a conference in-person!

Kevin Nakahara passed his candidacy in Mechanical Engineering!

August 2022

Rebecca Gallivan was elected co-chair for the 2024 Gordon Research Conference for the Solid State Studies in Ceramics.

Congrats to Rebecca Gallivan for being awarded the best poster at the Solid State Studies in Ceramics Gordon Research Conference for her poster titled "On the Cusp of Continuum: Microstructural Origins of the Emergent Electromechanical Behavior in Nanocrystalline Nano-architected Zinc Oxide".

Congrats to Max Saccone for being awarded the best poster at the Additive Manufacturing of Soft Materials Gordon Research Conference for his poster titled "Additive manufacturing of micro-architected metals via hydrogel infusion"

July 2022

Congrats to Akash Dhawan for being accepted to the Caltech Biotechnology Leadership Pre-Doctoral Training Program!

Congrats to alum Dr. Daryl Yee for accepting an associate professor at EPFL!

Congratulations to Dr. Rebecca Gallivan for a successful thesis defense! Rebecca becomes the 32nd PhD graduate of the Greer group!

June 2022

Akash Dhawan passed his qualifying exam for Medical Engineering!

Congrats to alum Dr. Carlos Portela for being selected as one of the MIT Technology Review's Innovators under 35

Congratulations to Dr. Max Saccone for a successful thesis defense! Max becomes the 31st PhD graduate of the Greer group, and its first in-person defender since December 2019!

May 2022

Max Saccone won the Best Presentation Bronze Award at the 2022 MRS Spring Symposium in Advanced Manufactured Materials - Innovative Experiments, Computational Modeling and Applications for his talk titled "Hydrogel Infusion Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale Metals and Alloys"

Max Saccone was selected as a Graduate Student Silver Award Winner for his presentation at the Materials Research Society Spring 2022 conference

Wenxin Zhang passed her candidacy for Mechanical Engineering!

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