Latest News

October 2019 Max was recently named a Resnick Graduate Fellow. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Carlos for winning the Gold Paper Award at the Society of Engineering Science (SES) 2019 technical meeting!

Congratulations to Andrew for passing his candidacy exam!

September 2019 Congratulations to Dr. Michael Citrin on successfully defending his thesis!

Xiaoxing's Nature paper on electrochemically reconfigurable materials was featured on Caltech's website!.

August 2019 Carlos recently won the Best Fast-Forward Presentation Award at the International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Information In Engineering Conference. Congratulations!

June 2019 Julia was recently named a winner of the AAAFM Heeger Award.

Congratulations to our newest PhD candidates, Fernando and Amy!

May 2019 Congratulations to Rebecca and Widi for passing their candidacy exams!

Congratulations to Dr. Xiaoxing Xia on successfully defending his thesis!

Congratulations to Dr. Carlos Portela Galindo on successfully defending his thesis and for winning the Centennial Prize for the Best Thesis in Mechanical and Civil Engineering!

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